We would strongly advise you look into the LSBC Sports Education Pathway to professional career.

We don’t know what level of experience you have in this area, whether you’re a scout, analyst, experienced coach or an enthusiastic student etc, our Scouting & Talent ID Workshop will give you clear idea the best way to learn about recruitment, Talent ID scouting and analysis.

Register your interest and be part of the online workshop and the Online induction course. REGISTER NOW! there is no prerequisite to participate on online sports workshops.

The workshops are designed to give you a cost-effective introduction to the live courses with LSBC, this will help you to know you have not wasted a substantial amount of money on substandard courses that don’t hit the spot. if you like what you see you then you know it’s worth investing into our courses.

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The the workshop is purely theoretical (i.e online classroom based), all course candidates should have access to internet, writing material (e.g. pen/ pencil and pad, or electronic notepad)

You will be expected to actively have access to football team, participate  in football-related discussion for the full duration of the main course. On successful completion of course,  candidate will receive Football Scouting  and Talent ID Certificate.

The main course is non-assessable and attendance based only. 100% attendance must be attained in order to receive the Certificate

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