After the completion of scouting ID, Coaching and First Aid and Emergency course, the candidate will have access to 2-hour workshops, and anyone interested in advancing their knowledge. It’s CPD sports work certificate course will also gain points to keep up your certifications (Continuous Professional Development) at LSBC and any of our partner’s university.

These will act as advance workshops to keep and maintain your qualifications and certifications as you self-improve yourself with additions to the football pathway to keep you up to date as the world evolves in football. These workshops could be one of several workshops that will look into a deeper analysis of players form Goalkeepers to Centre-Backs, Full-Backs, Midfielders, Wingers, Strikers, and First Aid and Emergency etc.

We will look deeper into the football coaching defence, midfield units and strikers and many other situations that could advance your knowledge as the game progresses.

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The the workshop is purely theoretical (i.e online classroom based), all course candidates should have access to internet, writing material (e.g. pen/ pencil and pad, or electronic notepad)

You will be expected to actively have access to football team, participate  in football-related discussion for the full duration of the main course. On successful completion of course,  candidate will receive Football Scouting  and Talent ID Certificate.

The main course is non-assessable and attendance based only. 100% attendance must be attained in order to receive the Certificate

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